Digrent “High Life for the Soul” Contest End

Posted in Walls by BLDG on October 12, 2009

The Digrent “High Life for the Soul” contest has officially ended and the print is officially sold out. As the demand for Digrent’s work steadily increases, I’d recommend getting your hands on one if you ever have the chance. His latest work heavily utilizes hand-cut stencil work. The prints are reproduced from an original work, retaining all its overspray and soft-edges… a fine piece to see in real life.

For the winners: The tubes ship out tomorrow, so keep your eyes on the mail and watch out for anyone lurking around your postbox.

For the… not winners: No worries. Digrent releases a brand spankin’ new print tomorrow at an unknown time.


New Digrent Release: “High Life for the Soul”

Posted in Walls by BLDG on July 31, 2009

The BLDG will be releasing a new print by Digrent entitled, “High Life for the Soul” Digrent states that this adapted Warhol classic “juxtaposes a time when tomato soup was what nourished people and got them through to today’s times where people turn to a new source of nourishment and alcohol sales have sky rocketed during this time of recession.” Digrent’s work has been shown worldwide and is most recently focusing on producing more prints.

The piece is a 4-color, 18”x24” edition of 100 ($75). Signed & Numbered by the artist. The print will be released on August 3rd exclusively from The BLDG (


Ryan Milner Print

Posted in Walls by BLDG on June 17, 2009

So we at The BLDG are constantly looking at/seeking out/buying/selling/trading/drooling over/being disappointed by/etc. art prints and original works. For instance, yesterday we both raced each other to see who got their Shepard Fairey, “Duality of Humanity 5” print first… Mike won, but I blame fowl play on our WiFi dropping out.


I thought it would be appropriate to toss up a new print I picked up at The Phone Booth Gallery a bit back. The print is by Ryan Milner and it’s called, “I Kill the Busdriver” looks to me to be inspired by The Dark Knight or that Carousel commercial or something, very nice either way. It’s a nice print on nice paper…

I Kill the Busdriver






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