Covington Food Truck Invasions

Posted in Uncategorized by BLDG on November 1, 2012


BLDG and the City of Covington has been working to find ways to create highly desirable urban experiences for the workers and residents of the city. The result was our first activation with the City of Covington, Food Truck Invasions.

The initial goal for the City of Covington was to create a high-impact event that would create a change in the perception for the city. The goal for BLDG was to present the city as a prime destination for art, culture and entertainment. Prior events and activities in the city were done primarily by individual businesses with a very narrow focus.



This event marked the first time local food trucks were to set up for a weekday lunch within the city limits of Covington. Prior city ordinances, along with certain antiquated health department regulations, had prevented the trucks from doing business in the city. In order for BLDG to bring these events to fruition, the food trucks had to be education on the merits and opportunity that Covington presented for them.




BLDG chose to create an event that would draw both local urban professionals and attract a younger urban demographic. Concert-style screen printed posters and social networking were employed to give the event a grass roots character. What resulted was an overwhelming level of participation by urban workers, Covington city residents, and young urban professionals. An unexpected result was a large draw of young suburban families.

The end result was not only well received, but also highly repeatable. 



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