BLDG the Nth

Posted in Uncategorized by BLDG on October 31, 2012

The hand prints on our storefront windows are a testament to the inconspicuous nature of BLDG. In the 10 years we’ve been embedded in Covington the reoccurring question has always been, “What do you guys do in there?”. Well here ya go, our masks are off and our door is open. This is a little slice of life we call BLDG…enjoy!

It’s no secret we love design. It’s also no secret we choose to work with clients we find particularly interesting. When tasked to brand a bourbon distillery, to say it was a match made in heaven is an understatement. We took the bourbon by the horns and totally immersed ourselves in the process. Many late nights and a few headaches later, the Nth was born. The Nth is a juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional culture influenced by it’s unique locale, the Northern most tip of Kentucky. The result, a brand pushing the boundaries of what is expected from a Kentucky born bourbon.


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