The BLDG + Prefab77 Show Timelapse

Posted in Walls by BLDG on December 23, 2009

The BLDG’s Secret to Creativity

Posted in 1 by BLDG on December 21, 2009

So, we had a show with Prefab77 in November that was a HUGE success. Then we officially & publicly launched TheBLDGprojects, our creative agency and people are definitely taking notice…. but the question we get the most, is where do we come up with our creative ideas. Well, just this once, we’ll fill you in on our secret. We get it from the boys at Droga5 and you can too! Live, online, instant creativity!

Instant Creative Solutions

Lunatics in Advertising

Posted in 1 by BLDG on December 18, 2009

Ran across this article about the marketing and advertising world the other day. I think there’s a lot of interesting statements in here (and, of course, a few hairball ideas) Don’t let the crazy photo fool you, it’s definitely worth a read:

Check out the article here

The BLDG Projects Launch!!!

Posted in 1 by BLDG on December 14, 2009

Well, we’ve finally launched a real, fully functional site for The BLDG’s creative studio. The part of The BLDG that does photography, design, branding, production, etc. Basically, we come in when people need a brand new perspective on things and a new way to approach projects.

Check it out!! (

Our Latest Crave KR3W Phantom Watches

Posted in 1 by BLDG on December 11, 2009

KR3W can’t go wrong with me, nor can their sister company Supra. I love the new KR3W NS line, it’s amazing. They just released a new color to their already popular phantom watch collection. I recently picked up the white version of this, but only because this new grey piece hadn’t dropped yet… phenomenal. Check it out over at Factory413

Ron English’s “Clouds” Sky-Writing Project

Posted in 1 by BLDG on December 10, 2009

Recently Ron English did a bit of sky-writing art over top of Manhattan as part of an on going series of off-the-cuff, art for the people type of art installs/projects. We’re big fans of Ron’s work and where it’s headed, look for more great things coming from Ron English in the future!

Primary Flight Pics (Round 2)

Posted in Walls by BLDG on December 9, 2009

Back by popular demand, Primary Flight photos. You want it, we go it! Check it out, see if you can spot Ron English, Rubino Santiago and more!

DJ B.Traits – Belle of the Brawl

Posted in Walls by BLDG on December 8, 2009

If you spend much time at The BLDG, you’ll know we dig our electric/hip-hop/remixes… that being said, check out this dope mix I recently stumbled upon via Killahbeez by DJ B.Traits

Art Basel/Scope/Verge/Pulse – Miami

Posted in Walls by BLDG on December 7, 2009

We just got back from Miami and there was SO MUCH good stuff going on it was incredible. It’s so exciting to be part of an art movement that is in the midst of happening. We saw the sites, drank the drinks, perused the purchasables but most importantly we caught up with several artists to see what they were up to.

Mike with street art’s favorite son, Shepard Fairey

The London Police doing their thing… with a bit of a blue twist

Jeff Soto, straight up being amazing

And finally, one of the great street writers of ALL TIME… Augor

New Hank Williams Sr. Art Print by Keith Neltner : “Repent”

Posted in Walls by BLDG on December 7, 2009

Sorry for the long pause, we’ve been super-slammed with a few new prints, a few off-site events and Art Basel in Miami. All to come shortly, but until then, check out our upcoming print release with American artist, Keith Neltner.

We’re really excited about this print. Keith has done a lot of work with Hank III and Reinstate Hank Campaign but this piece is a straight homage to a true legend, Hiram Hank Williams.

This print is an 8 color piece, entitled “Repent” it’s 22″ x 22″ on 100% cream cotton rag paper. It’s limited to an edition of 44 with 3 hand-embellished pieces with varnish, ink and paint. The edition goes on sale Thursday, December 10th at 11 a.m. EST for $65 and the hand-embellished pieces go up then as well for $125.

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