ApeSeven: The 5th Militia (process)

Posted in Walls by BLDG on May 14, 2009

Now that I’ve completely tired out pimpin’ out stuff everyone else is doing on the blog, I think we’ll turn towards showing you what we’re doing at The Building Walls.

We’re working with about 9 artists (and counting) to print and sell their exclusive pieces online and in our gallery. After waht seemed like an eternity of planning, branding, logistics and what not… we’re finally printing.

Now’s the part of the post where I share photos: (even more on our Flickr page)


This Juno… she protects us from anyone who might be preying on us.


ApeSeven’s inks…


Mike registering color one (Side Note: Mike didn’t go to Harvard, but the kid whose shirt Mike stole after kicking his ass, did go to Harvard… all that to say, the shirt’s legit.)


Color 1 fools!!!!! It begins…

We’ve got a rad stop motion piece we’re making of this 6 color print… that should be up today or tomorrow, so check back soon.


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